London Views Bucket List

London is a city which is sometimes best appreciated from a vantage point, and luckily there are lots of places you can do that.  I have always maintained that my favourite view of London is from the top of Primrose Hill. Not only is it a gorgeous location in itself but it offers an amazing panoramic view of all of London.

Image taken from pinterest

Sometimes a view helps to put things into perspective, after just a short walk up a hill problems seem smaller and insignificant and you can look down on things from a different perspective.

Yesterday I saw the view from the top of the Shard, it is definitely an experience I really enjoyed it, and obviously so much better if you go on a clear day.


However, it is £25 for what is essentially going in a lift! I do think that whilst other vantage points in London might not be as high as the Shard, they can be just as good. So I have put together a list of my favourite views of London which I hope you will enjoy.

This is the view from the top of Greenwich Park on a very sunny day! Greenwich is a beautiful place to spend a Saturday, they have a great market and it feels almost as if you are out of London for the day and can see the Cutty Sark, wander round the old streets and have a picnic in the park before climbing the hill for this view of Canary Warf and beyond.


Another great view (that you can also see for free!) is from the cafe in the National Portrait Gallery. It is a great view of central London as you can see Nelsons Column, Big Ben and down Whitehall. I like the way you can see flags flying too!


 I was lucky enough to experience this view whilst doing the Maggie’s London Night Hike (now called the Maggie’s Culture Crawl). As part of the hike we got to go to the top of City Hall and I was able to see this night time view of London which was pretty special.


What are your favourite London views?


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Living in West London and love exploring all London has to offer.

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